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Professional, trusted, expert. Our approach to Investment Management is about achieving intelligent solutions for you.

With a portfolio of assets managed by highly experienced professionals, our investment service is designed for outstanding flexibility, offering you a comprehensive range of options for your short and longer-term aspirations and investment goals.
With access across the investment universe, we take full advantage of all asset management options in the market. We operate on a discretionary basis, meaning you benefit from access to an intensively managed portfolio, without the burden of day-to-day decision-making.


Never losing sight of what you want for the longer-term, our patient and persistent approach is coupled with shorter-term tactical adjustments to address your investment aims. When designing your portfolio, we give you access to the best and most suitable investments, with the ability to borrow against it whenever necessary.
We base our actions on a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance, aspirations, and personal, family and business circumstances.
Our discretionary investment service covers the entire spectrum of assets, from equities to bonds, property, hedge funds and commodities, moulded together in calculated proportions to provide you with the right level of risk and potential reward.

Whether a personal, joint or family portfolio, your pension fund, or a charity or trust, we offer a choice of investment style, with a range of options in each to meet your specific objectives.

Global Asset Allocation

A service run in the traditional manner, where investment returns are driven principally by our ability to move your wealth between distinct asset groups such as equities, debt/bonds, hedge funds and property, as well as through the selection of the underlying investments themselves.
Offered in GBP, USD and EUR, the mandates are proactively managed.
For those concerned with investment costs, a less actively managed range is available with lower cost underlying funds often simply tracking the main indices.

Global Select Service

Popular with clients looking for something a little different from the investment community, we research and select current thematic investment opportunities from which we construct a portfolio that meets your risk appetite. Our range of solutions cover mandates requiring a greater certainty of positive returns through to mandates more demanding of higher returns, and may include less liquid investments.